The studio is currently on production hiatus. But here are some behind the scenes shots from our latest feature, The Riddle of the Spider's Web.

Cody Oppel (R) and director Scott Wegener prep auditioning actors at the Evendale Cultural Arts Center. 

PHOTO: Glenn Hartong

PHOTO: Glenn Hartong

 Scott Wegener asks for more nuance from performers.

Phillip Harrison (Cody Oppel) hangs on the top of a cargo truck racing through the streets of Haiti

Caribbean pirate Shorty (John Jonczy) checks on his stolen cargo.

Robert Scott (Wendell Young and his son Jamaal (Mark Antony Howard) are chased through St. Pierre, Martinique.

Voudon Queen Mother Miriam  (Moneaca Collins) casts her magic to save her home from destruction.


Voudon elder Dongo (Rajiim A. Gross) believes there are Russian slavers on Martinique.