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About Nobleman Square

Nobleman Square is the creative home to David Garrison Productions. We are an all volunteer creative team creating high concept micro-budget motion pictures with the proceeds going to selected non-profits.











We give young actors , filmmakers and other creatives an avenue to pursue their passion on full scale movie projects and develop their skillsets.


Our resident filmmaker, four time Emmy Award winner Scott Wegener has been behind the lens since 1969. 










We staged scenes on the beaches and jungles of Hawaii, and aboard viking ships in Norway.









Our crews experience the entire filmmaking process of writing and storyboarding, logistics and scheduling, lighting and composition, set construction and teardown, editing and directing.

And best of all, they get  to walk the Red Carpet during premieres...
















                                                       catch their work on the big screen in area


Our production teams have shot skiing in Colorado and skydiving in Utah.

and if we are very good at our craft we might find ourselves at the Emmy Awards!

And we've been at it for awhile!

The Spider's Web-1995                  Alex-1973
On set for Mistaken City-1974
Beowulf ad from 2008
The Spider's Web TV Week cover -1995
Beowulf cast in Norway-2006
The Last Race-2012
The Spider's Web-1995
On set for Beowulf: 
Prince of the Geats
The Golem poster-1999
On set The Spider's Web: Arch Defiance-2017
The Siren of Nahler Street
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