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SATURDAY APRIL 20 9:30 AM 9:30am-1pm-

Miami Twp. Public Library Conference Room

 2718 Lyons Rd., Miamisburg OH 45342

SATURDAY and SUNDAY APRIL 27, 28 9am-4pm

Charlotte Nicole's Studio of Dance

11175 Reading Rd., Sharonville OH 45241

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POW POW-Black male 10-12 years old. He is street wise and extremely protective of his little brother Hendrix. He is brave and always alert to dangers of the street, while still out to have a normal childhood, exploring, visiting the neighborhood candy, comics store. He and little brother Hendrix are best friends.

HENDRIX-Black male, 8-10 years old. Wide eyed, adorable innocent urban street kid. He has been so well protected by Pow Pow and the rest of the neighborhood, that he is blissfuly unaware that there are dangers lurking all around him.

DOUG -Black Male, 20’s-30’s, never named, skinny, baffoonish ne'er-do-well,always looking to con, rob, exploit victims using ridiculous hair brained schemes that always fail, always causing slapstick harm to himself. He wears a giant purple, sloopy hat, floor length duster coat, and an absurd amount of gold chains.

AUNT KATHY-Black female, 50-60 years old. Not really anyone’s aunt, but she treats everyone, especially Pow Pow and Hendrix as if they are family. She allows no flak from neighborhood troublemakers. She carries a cane that she doesn’t really need other than to smack troublemakers with the power of a MLB batter.

MR. OWENS-Black Male- 40’S 50’S. Owns the neighborhood fish market. Likes Pow Pow and Hendrix. Doesn’t get too involved in neighborhood drama, just wants to run his business.

DAYSHAN-Black Male, 20-25 years old. 6 foot 6” 290 pounds. This all muscle street tough doesn’t seem to have a job. He hangs out with other tough guys on the corner. He’s really a nice guy but takes advantage of his appearance to keep anyone from making trouble with him. He has absolutely no use for Doug the Drug Dealer, and has no problem smacking him around if he causes trouble.

ROCK-Black male, 20-25 years old. Dayshan's friend

SLICKSLACK- White male, 20-25 years old. Dayshan's friend

BLIND MAN-Any race male, 50-70 years old. Begs for change with a tin cup.

LITTLE OLD LADY-Black female, 60-80 years old. She appears feeble, but in fact is a black belt in several martial arts, and is very capable of wiping the floor with anyone who tries to victimize her.

SCAVANGER-Any race, 25-60 years old. Homeless man who goes through trash cans like an elite selecting a canapé at an exclusive event.

BARBER JOE-Black male age 40-60. Runs the local barber shop.

LONG HAIRED GUY-Any race, male 18-25. Gets hair cut very short.

LONG HAIRED GUYS GIRLFRIEND-Any race female, 18-25 years old. Loves bf's new hair cut.

COP-Black, any gender, any age-No nonsense

OLLIE-Any race, male 16-20 years old. Despondent from unspecified life situation.

BACKGROUND ARTISTS-We need several extras to drive their own vehicles, providing traffic on set.

STUNT ARTISTS-Skateboarding, slack liners, extreme martial arts, gymnasts, drivers


                    BEHIND THE CAMERA

STUDIO SET CONSTRUCTION- We need to construct a large green screen wall with heavy mechanical components.


GAFFERS- Responsible for interior and exterior lighting

CRAFT SERVICES-Responsible for supplying on set meals for cast and crew. 

PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS-Responsible for assisting production crew with miscellaneous tasks.


IMPORTANT NOTE: POW POW AND HENDRIX, like all David Garrison Productions, is an all volunteer film project. No one is being financially compensated in order to give 100% of proceeds from dime one to youth charity.

Can't make it to any of our audition venues? Leave your contact information here and we will be in touch.

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