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Tyra Gunn is a freshly

recruited agent for the


unit of the United 

States Department of 

Energy. One of very

few female agents in

her field, Gunn feels

a heavy burden to "out macho" her male colleagues in order to be seen as equal to them. Still, her boss, William Maddox, isn't convinced she is up to certain tasks, assigning her to what he thinks is a 'babysitting' job protecting teenage physics genius Phillip Harrison.


                                   Ms. Gunn is played by Samantha Russell                                        who is currently studying for her Masters                                      in Acting for Screen at the Royal Central                                        School for Speech and Drama in London.                                      She has earned degrees in                                                              Sociology, Marketing and                                                              Business Administration from the                                                  University of Cincinnati. Before being cast                                    in The Riddle of the Spider's Web, Ms.                                          Russell played Princess Tia in The Spider's                                    Web: Arch Defiance, as well as the leads in                                    A Touch of Stardust  and Notzilla. She currently resides in London, England.

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