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At eighteen years old, Malcolm is the eldest of two boys. He and his younger brother Jamaal lost their mother to an aggressive cancer shortly after he graduated from Nobleman Senior High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. The teenagers travel the world with their father, Dr. Robert Scott, exploring cultural mysteries, and often finding danger and mysteries along the way.

When Malcolm was eight years old, his great great grand-mother Millie told him an ancient family riddle: 


                                 "What is like the Spider's Web,

                                         delicate and beautiful,

                                     with strands that go as far

                                   as the Spider can take them,

                                and every action sends vibrations

                                 that affect its entire net of life?

No one in several generations of his family had ever solved its enigma. Malcolm became obsessed with uncovering the answer, especially after Millie died at 121 years of age. A near death experience caused by Phillip Harrison at a rock quarry gave Malcolm the answer in a vision that connects the Universe and provides the keys to unlocking all knowledge. Malcolm is unsure how to use these newfound insights.

Andre Tomlinson its a veteran 

theater actor with Short North Stage, Dare 2 Defy Productions and Dayton Playhouse. He now lives in Columbus Ohio with music video and TikTok artist Lisa Glover.

 He has played Malcolm Scott in 2015's The Spider's Web: Arch Defiance, and reprises his role in The Riddle of the Spider's Web. 

Andre is  also training as a professional wrestler.

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Adam Winston originated the role of Malcolm Scott in The Spider's Web (1995). It was his first performance off of the Princeton High School football field.

He currently lives in Southern California.


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