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Jamaal is Malcolm Scott's young brother. He is a brilliant teenager in his own right, having developed biometrically synchronized eyeglasses to help him cope with his severe ADHD. The glasses connect him to the internet and are controlled through electrode sensors in the bows. He constantly streams news, music and virtual chess games projected onto the inner surface of the lenses to keep his mind engaged. This allows him to function normally in social situations. Since he sends all his waking time online, Jamaal has become a world class hacker, and has been known to explore highly secure government sites to satiate his immense curiosity.

Jamaal is played by the highly talented Mark Antony Howard of Kettering. Mark is studying musical theater at Wright State University. He plays Jamaal in The Spider's Web: Arch Defiance and The Riddle of the Spider's Web. 

    He also is in a new short sci-fi film, Club Alli by the Turner Brothers.

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The character of Jamaal originated in The Spider's Web in 1995, with Calin Carlisle. 

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