The all volunteer feature motion picture THE RIDDLE OF THE SPIDER'S WEB, benefitting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Cincinnati  is literally running out of gas! We have several shoots that require regional travel for our cast and crew. We are looking at about 15,000 miles total to get everyone where they need to be over the next several months.



Whether you decide to help us with a prepaid gas card or a cash donation, we want to THANK YOU!

UP TO $30-Friend, Best Friend, Wingman-You have our hearty thanks both on this website, and in the credits of the actual finished film.

$30-Adventurer-In addition to the above gift, we will send you the first two SPIDER'S WEB movies on DVD. THE SPIDER'S WEB: Arch Defiance sees our heroes  Malcolm (Andre Tomlinson), Harrison (Cody Oppel), Jamaal (Mark Antony Howard) and Dr. Robert Scott ( Wendell Young) face down poachers and mercenaries in a race to save the planet from an unstoppable plague. In THE SPIDER'S WEB, Malcolm (Adam Winston) transfers into the prestigious Nobleman High School  where he meets teen physics genius Phillip Harrison (Nickl Arrom). The two chase their own family legacies that unlock the secrets of the Universe.

$70-Explorer-In addition to the above gifts, you get the BEOWULF: PRINCE OF THE GEATS 10TH ANNIVERSARY DVD BONUS PACKAGE, which includes the Widescreen epic shot in Norway (both in English and with Norwegian subtitles), four behind-the-scenes documentaries and the Bloopers reel! Plus a BPOG t-shirt with "Take A Risk" emblazoned across the front. (Limited sizes)

$100-Seafarer-In addition to the above gifts, you are invited on set to operate the Clapboard for our opening shot, and have your picture taken with the stars of the scene on location.  If you can't make it to the set, we will put your name to the Clapboard and take a cast photograph gathered around it, and send it to you complete with the stars' autographs!

$300-Hero-In addition to the above gifts, you will receive an original storyboard frame by artist Wesley Curry II, professionally matted and framed. His images become the template for the actual movie footage shot for The Riddle of the Spider's Web.

$1000-SAFARI LEADER-In addition to the above gifts, you and a guest will dine with the stars of The Riddle of the Spider's Web during the Red Carpet Premiere in Sharonville Ohio. Package includes 1 night's lodging at Hyatt Place; Sharonville Convention Center (Transportation to Cincinnati not included)

$2000-GLOBETROTTER-In addition to the above gifts, we will give you a speaking role in The Riddle of the Spider's Web, list you both as your character and as Producer the credits and thank you personally in all news releases related to the production and Premiere.


HELP US WITH A GAS CARD-If you just don't want to hassle with paying through the Internet, you can also help us with Gas Gift Cards! Our region accepts Shell, Marathon, Speedway, Valero, Kroger and Sohio. (Kroger and Speedway often offer extra fuel points when you buy gift cards!)  Please mail gift cards to: 





Attn: Scott Wegener,

Executive Producer

10619 Sarazen Ct.

Cincinnati OH 45241