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Phillip Harrison is the orphaned son of disgraced physicist Raymond Harrison who was thrown out of MIT after a funding scandal over his research into gravity obstruction. Even though his work had been widely discredited as crackpot science, Phillip is determined to prove his father's theories and clear the family name.

With the help of classmate Malcolm Scott, he resurrected his father's work and created a working Gravity Obstruction Device (G.O.D.), which the boys installed in a 1969 Chevy Camaro for a high school state science fair. Very shortly after the fair, the car and his research were confiscated by the federal government, which immediately denied its existence.

The 18 year old reconstructed his research from memory, and was arrested by the FBI, which continued to deny the G.O.D. ever existed, and threatened to place him in prison for unspecified crimes against the nation. A deal was struck remanding him to the custody of Dr. Robert Scott, a personal friend of the President, provided Harrison abandons any further interest in his father's research.

The chances of that are somewhere between slim and none.

CODY OPPEL plays Phillip Harrison in 2015's The Spider's Web: Arch Defiance, and 2020's The Riddle of the Spider's Web. He also stars as Blaze in the film Holler.

He graduated from Northen Kentucky University with a BFA in Acting.


NICK AROM played Phillip Harrison in 1995's The Spider's Web, which chronicles when the angry genius first met Malcolm Scott. The two install the first prototype G.O.D. (left) in a modified Chevy Camaro (below left with director Scott Wegener and Adam Winston who plays the original Malcolm Scott)

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