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Dr. Robert Scott is an internationally acclaimed cultural researcher with Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. It culminates a long and arduous career path that constantly moved him to various universities around the United States. From South Carolina to Chicago to Phoenix to Los Angeles to Boston before settling in Southwest Ohio, Dr. Scott pursued the climb up the academic ladder for both his passion for cultural education and to securely provide for his family. Ironically, that frenzied path took its toll on his two sons, Malcolm and Jamaal, who were deprived of building long term friendships. It is one of his deepest regrets, as he was so focused on his career he barely noticed the strain it was causing to his loved ones.

He lost his loving wife and soulmate Mandy to a highly aggressive form of cancer after the family moved to Cincinnati. He blames his career climb for her disease, believing the stress he put her through may have given the cancer an opportunity to rage within her body.


Scott's international prestige caught the attention of the U.S. government, which occasionally calls upon his vast knowledge of cultures the world over.

Scott was pressured by the President himself to take custody of physics genius Phillip Harrison to keep the teenager from working on forbidden research into gravity obstruction. Despite Harrison being his son Malcolm's best friend, Dr. Scott doesn't particularly like him. He fears Harrison's anger issues and disregard for personal safety may put his family in danger.

Dr. Scott is portrayed by com-

unity theater actor Wendell

Young of Cincinnati.  He has also

served as a Cincinnati policeman

and city council member.

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