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Dongo was born and raised on the island of Martinique. His ancestry on the island goes back centuries when the island was a major port in the slave trade. He is a priest of the ancient African religion of Voudon, which is commonly mistaken for voodoo. That is an error that he and others of the cult use to their advantage against the gullibleDongo has a deep understanding of the Web, even though he has not mastered its intricacies. He is devoutly loyal to Miriam, the Voudon Queen Mother, and will willingly lay down his life to protect her from harm.  

Rajiim A. Gross originates the character of Dongo in The Riddle of the Spider's Web. The multi-faceted actor and model lives in Newport, KY. His acting resume includes Black Wolf, Who Is Amos Otis?, Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile and Donnybrook.

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