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   We are gearing up for preproduction of the Pow-Pow and Hendrix shorts to be shot in the summer of 2024. While that may seem to be a long way off, there is vast amounts work to be done before the cameras can roll. 

   If you have not received a script or breakdown, please let me know as soon as possible so I can get them to you.

   Even though these are three short films (7 to 10 minutes each), they are quite complex, involving custom built vehicles, costumes, stunt work, set construction and location shooting. 

   We are organizing into several key departments along those lines:

CAR POOL-Responsible for both custom construction of the Drug Dealer's car and the police car, but acquisition of several cars and trucks which are the main nemesis of our villain. 

COSTUME DEPARTMENT-Responsible for design and construction of stylized wardrobe of our Drug Dealer, Police Officer and our two pint sized heroes, as well as insuring consistency of style of other supporting characters.

STUNTS-Responsible for creating and coordinating all stunt work and maintaining safety of all involved with said stunts.

SET DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION-At this point, we expect the majority of the shoots to be on location, with several of our set constructions added. Some will incorporate green screen and miniatures.

LOCATION SCOUTING-Responsible for securing appropriate locations as per the script and story requirements. 

MUSIC-Responsible for creating and recording original instrumental score.


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