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They said yes.

Even after shooting had  begun at our donated warehouse, courtesy of Commonwealth Inc., we didn't have our setting for our Scandinavian exteriors. I had sent inquiries to the film commissions of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway and had not heard back. 


We began searching domestically for a substitute, including remote corners of the Great Lakes, and the fjords of Alaska. 

Meanwhile, the Norwegian Film Commission contacted the Norwegian Cancer Society, who in turn contacted the Kvam district on the Hardanger Fjord, and the rest is history.

Our Story

Actor and Associate Producer Greer Scott (L) and Jason Potts aboard the Tyra on the banks of the Hardanger Fjord, Norway.

Scott Wegener (Top right) sets a shot aboard the Tyra with assistance from Geir Ellingsen (Top left)

Our Clients

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